Commemorative History Books

Image by janeb13 from Pixabay

Is your company or school approaching a milestone year?

Story Development. Includes archival research and information gathering, review and selection of photographs and memorabilia, and a series of interviews with key people in the organization. The goal is to develop an approved story outline used to write content for one or more of the following options.


Coffee-Table History Book. For companies that want to celebrate 25 years in business… or 50 years… or 75, 100, or more. We can help you solidify your company’s legacy with an attractive, hardbound coffee table book, typically 160 to 200 pages in length. Storyline provides turnkey publishing assistance including writing, editing, formatting and design, and print/bindery management.

History Mini-Book. A 20 to 60-page publication ideal for companies with mid-range budgets. Maybe you are celebrating a 20-year anniversary… or 15-year… or even 10 years. Can either be a soft-cover, perfect-bound booklet or a hardbound coffee table version with dust jacket or printed cover.

History Brochure. This is a 12 to 16-page saddle-stitched brochure option for a lower budget celebration, i.e., an Open House event to celebrate a milestone anniversary. 

History Wall. A dramatic, large-scale visual display suitable for hanging in corporate lobbies, hallways or conference rooms. Can also be designed for portability and use at trade shows or other corporate events away from the office.

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