Archiving Services

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

In addition to The Storyline Group’s research and story development services, the Archiving Services department provides cataloging, digital reproduction, and preservation services for client records and artifacts. The Storyline Group Archiving Services Department aims to nurture legacies via:

Assessment and Appraisal: Initial inspection of physical and digital content to establish protocols and organization by logical categories. Item-by-item inspection determines category placement.

Processing and Cataloging: Organizing original documents, images, and memorabilia, and creating searchable inventory finding aid for ease of retrieval.

Preservation and Advisement: Preserving original documents, images, and memorabilia using archival storage materials, and providing advisement on storage recommendations to prevent untimely deterioration.

Digital Reproduction and Object Photography: Scanning documents and photographs, and photographing of 3D artifacts, stored in a cloud-hosted document management system.