The Liberating Promise of Philanthropy (Hardcover)


Very little has been written about the way in which grant-making foundations shaped and were shaped by the South. The Liberating Promise of Philanthropy plugs the gap with its comprehensive and contextualized retelling of philanthropy’s rise in the United States and its consequential effects on southeastern states.

Particular attention is given to the crippling effect that slavery, Jim Crow, and the Lost Cause has had upon the building of a civil society in the South, and how generous and compassionate philanthropists have worked to alleviate that burden.

The authors unapologetically approach all of their material with a distinct point of view: that foundations are at their best when they help to move people from a state of dependency to one of self-sufficiency, and thereby contribute to the building of a democratic, civil society.

They speak from experience. Martin Lehfeldt is the former president of the Southeastern Council of Foundations, while Dr. Jamil Zainaldin is president emeritus of the Georgia Humanities Council.

Dr. Dave Hammack, one of the foremost authorities of academia in the study of nonprofit organizations, calls The Liberating Promise of Philanthropy “an extraordinary addition to our histories of philanthropic foundations.”

The Liberating Promise of Philanthropy will be read with interest by laborers in the vineyards of philanthropy, other not-for-profit leaders and volunteers, and all students of Southern history.

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