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Some say we are a hybrid publishing company.

And we may be, because we do help our clients bridge the gap between traditional publishing and self-publishing. Whether you have a completed manuscript, a work in progress, or a story that you think should be a book, we can help you develop a plan and be your support team every step of the way.

A word about the state of publishing today.

The demand for printed (hardbound and paperback) books remain strong, in part because the current generation of young adults — like generations before them — prefer to hold books in their hands and flip the pages. Ebook sales leveled off a few years ago at about a third of the total book market, and there have been reports of a revival of brick and mortar bookstores. The most dramatic shift in publishing, however, has been the percentages of self-published books versus books published through traditional publishing houses. In very general terms, self-publishing once comprised about 25 percent of the total number of books published every year; today self-published books comprise about 75 percent of all books published. And most of those appear in printed versions.

This dramatic shift from traditional publishing to self-publishing has given rise to hybrid publishers like The Storyline Group. Authors have the stories, but they don’t always know how to navigate the world of publishing. That’s where we can help.

Blame it on the internet.

In the not-too-distant past, the giants in the publishing business relied heavily on distributors to negotiate with bookstores for strategic placements that would promote their book to shoppers. Most positioning now takes place on the internet, and the giants of that marketplace, most notably Amazon Books, have disrupted traditional publishing and become the dominant force in promoting, selling, and distributing books. If you self-publish, you will have to embrace online marketing to reach your audience, and there are a number of avenues that can lead to success if you develop and work your plan.

We started this business many moons ago.

In the early 1990s, after years of experience as a newspaper journalist and advertising executive, our founder began a business dedicated to publishing corporate and family legacy books and histories. Today, we continue to assist companies, schools and other organizations in publishing coffee table histories that enhance their milestone celebrations and strengthen their brands. Our turnkey services include research and story development, writing, editing, design and production.

Our group also assists non-fiction and fiction authors in developing, editing, and co-authoring their stories, as well as designing book covers and interior pages. We have also  expanded our services to include digital publishing, and we collaborate with clients to develop customized marketing, distribution and social media promotion strategies.

Fact or fiction, books are best known for telling stories. Helping you choose the best path for getting your story into book form is what we do.

So what’s your story?

Email phillip@storylinegroup.com for more information.



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