We’re telling stories…

Granny Butler wedding photo

Since the early days when Neanderthals gathered around the campfire, humans have passed on stories. Bedtime stories lulled us to sleep. Adventure stories inspired us to be adventurous. Moral stories helped us to behave better. Stories enrich our lives and help us connect with each other in a way nothing else can.

True stories of people, companies, schools and other organizations provide fascinating reading that can also inspire, teach and help us make meaningful connections with the past. I recently started researching my great-grandfather Robert E. Butler, a prominent businessman in Cobb County, Georgia in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He owned a marble works, a real estate office, and a drugstore. He established car dealerships for his four sons. Relatives say his story is book worthy, but no complete record of his life exists.

I wish Grandaddy Butler had written a history of how he succeeded in business, particularly the marble business. There are marble statues all over Georgia that were carved out of Butler Marble. What a treat it would be to read his story, to understand the challenges he faced and overcame, and connect with him across the decades that have passed.

At Storyline, we want to help individuals and companies tell their stories.

Through archival research, oral history interviews, and a host of publishing services, we bring the past into the present and preserve valuable legacies that otherwise would be lost.

Dee Thompson


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